StudentFront.png Final words...

I think it's about time that I give my final farewell to this wiki as I will no longer be active on this account. Editing on this wiki was fun while it lasted, from transcript pages to level contests to walkthroughs. I met a lot of cool people on this wiki that I would not have met elsewhere.

I might still drop by once in a while if I feel like posting a few walkthroughs here and there. See you around if you ever happen to catch me on the wiki!

Thank you for the great times I had on this wiki!

- Stars :) (4/14/20)

Hello there! :)

Hello there fellow visitor of my profile! Thanks for visiting! Although I don't have much to say... (okay maybe I do have a lot to say considering that this page is more than 4000 bytes).

Here's a story. I remember one time in computer class, my class was playing Run and Run 2 during free time and I pretty quickly got hooked to the game. However, that was quite a while ago so it doesn't really matter. Well, that was how I was introduced to this game so...

A long time had pass until I was bored and then I remembered the Run series that I played when I was young and I was like "Hmm. I wonder if there's such thing as a Run 3. There's a Run 1 and a Run 2 so..." . I looked it up and BAM! There it was, a Run 3 game ready for me to play. And yes, here I am on a wiki contributing to articles about this game. I don't think that I've done that with any other game like that before....

So yeah that's it. Hope my contributions help to this wiki. By the way, my Kongregate Account is StarsOfTheSky if you want to find me there.

My name? I won't tell you. I'll only tell you that my name is one of the Kongpanions on Kongregate. That's it. If you try to ask me if you got it right, I'll just send a "maybe" back. Although it would be kinda funny to see how far off your guesses are...

P.S. - If you want to find me on Geometry Dash, my account is MagicalDasher. On the friend request tab, just tell me that you saw this message on Run wiki.

The Run Series by Player_03


Run 1: All 50 levels completed

Run 2: All 50 levels, 12 bonus levels, and all 62 bonus orbs achieved.

Run 3: All 309 levels and Angel Missions and Bridge Building minigames completed. I can't do all of the achievements though. AHHH >:(

My levels: Submitted in the RFC Creator Challenge and is now also known as Coordination Challenge 7!!! :D

Additional Notes:

In terms of ability, my favorite character is the Student. However, my favorite character in terms of personality in the story is the Child.

My favorite tunnel is either The Way Back or the N-Tunnel (The Way Onwards).



I check in once in a while, reading articles and editing them to make them better. I check in more often these days as summer is here!

What I was doing:

StudentFront.png Another dead end.

After doing all of those cutscene pages and transcript pages, I'm sort of stuck finding new things to edit. A lot of the things written below are just ideas but are probably only in the +100s if I did them. I'd like to do bigger edits instead of small +100s like I'm doing now. Message me if you have any ideas of what I should work on. Big and small projects are accepted.

Hmm... now come to think of it, maybe I should just do whatever's left on the To Do List page....

  • Walkthroughs for all Run 3 levels - This was requested on the to do list and I have a screen recorder.
  • Summarizing Story cutscenes - Since all cutscenes have their own page, the ones in the story page should be shortened
  • Adding difficulty categories - I generally try not to make a lot of edits by doing this, but in this case it's necessary
  • Revising Run 1 and Run 2 articles - They are quite short not the most informative
  • Fixing links to cutscene pages - Some still link to the story page
  • Browsing the wiki and finding things to improve - I may be running out of things to work on since cutscenes and transcripts are done. See notice above.
  • Cleaning out comments sections - Articles like the suggestions page could really use some clearing up. If you notice that your comment has been deleted, it was either because it was spam, a comment checkpoint (ex. 300th comment!), or unrelated to Run 3.

My favorite pages

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