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  • I live in In the United States
  • My occupation is bEcOmInG a CoOl IdIoT
  • I am Male
  • AK Cuber


    October 2, 2019 by AK Cuber

    The user called Ak cuber is not me. It's a guy who created a name and avatar to match mine. Just putting this here before any accusations of sockpuppeting.

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  • AK Cuber

    There are five new levels!

    Click for info.

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  • AK Cuber


    March 30, 2019 by AK Cuber

    me playing in the dumbest way possible

    i got to The Way Back without unlocking Bunny or Child and i got this:

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  • AK Cuber

    I just played at my school from scratch. In 2 hours, 30 minutes, I was able to beat all levels that can be unlocked before Bridge Building and Angel Missions, beat the two minigames, and beat Memory Evaluation. I didn't start on the N-Tunnel or The Way Back. Overall, here's a list of what I beat:

    • Main Tunnel(65 Levels)
    • Winter Games(20 Levels)
    • W-Tunnel(3 Levels)

    • Low-Power Tunnel(25 Levels)

    • New Tunnel(9 Levels)

    • M-Tunnel(5 Levels)

    • The River(5 Levels)

    • U-Tunnel(10 Levels)

    • The Crystal Gallery(14 Levels)

    • L-Tunnel(5 Levels)

    • T-Tunnel(7 Levels)

    • B-Tunnel(13 Levels)

    • A-Tunnel(9 Levels)

    • Box Storage Area(11 Levels)

    • G-Tunnel(10 Levels)

    • Bridge Building(27 Levels)

    • Angel Missions(31 Levels)

    • Memory Evaluation(7 Levels)

    One other thing to note is that I spent some time earning a…

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  • AK Cuber

    Skier Tech

    January 9, 2019 by AK Cuber

    Can someone make a Skier tech blog post like I did for the Gentleman? I want to know how to use the skier because i feel it has great potential but I can never get farther than 2000m with her.

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