I see that many people struggle with the Gentleman, and here are some tips and tricks to help you in certain situations.

If there is a power cell near the top, and there is no ceiling, what you can do is magnetize towards it, and then while you have upward momentum, let go of the jump button. This will remove the final flick and you should be able to collect the power cell without flying out the top.

If there is a power cell with a void underneath, start the magnet when you are level with the power cell. When you are close to the power cell, let go, and re-engage the magnet. You will be flung up out of nowhere, and should have enough height to secure a landing position. This technique can be used in almost in any situation.

If there are two power cells at the same level, but horizontally far from each other, while engaging the magnet, you could press the key in the direction of the other and you should go straight. If there is a platform nearby, you could just land on that instead of trying to go straight.

But what if those two power cells are super far from each other? You could do the same thing, but that's not enough to make you go straight. Instead, halfway from reaching the power cell, start pressing the other arrow key, and disengage the magnet. Time it correctly and you will get the power cell.

If anyone wants to add some tips, post it in the comments. Also, YOU WILL GO TOWARDS GETTING A BADGE. SO START COMMENTING NOW.

Btw, this is my best Gentleman score:

Best gentleman score ever
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