I just played at my school from scratch. In 2 hours, 30 minutes, I was able to beat all levels that can be unlocked before Bridge Building and Angel Missions, beat the two minigames, and beat Memory Evaluation. I didn't start on the N-Tunnel or The Way Back. Overall, here's a list of what I beat:

  • Main Tunnel(65 Levels)
  • Winter Games(20 Levels)
  • W-Tunnel(3 Levels)

  • Low-Power Tunnel(25 Levels)

  • New Tunnel(9 Levels)

  • M-Tunnel(5 Levels)

  • The River(5 Levels)

  • U-Tunnel(10 Levels)

  • The Crystal Gallery(14 Levels)

  • L-Tunnel(5 Levels)

  • T-Tunnel(7 Levels)

  • B-Tunnel(13 Levels)

  • A-Tunnel(9 Levels)

  • Box Storage Area(11 Levels)

  • G-Tunnel(10 Levels)

  • Bridge Building(27 Levels)

  • Angel Missions(31 Levels)

  • Memory Evaluation(7 Levels)

One other thing to note is that I spent some time earning achievements to try and unlock Pastafarian so I could cheat the earlier levels of The Way Back and Plans A and C. I ended up getting enough achievements to get about 4200 power cells. I don't think I would have made it all the way to 6000 by just earning explore mode achievements.

Now lets see how long it would take to beat all 309 levels of explore mode. I'm going to make change to the number and add the levels of the two minigames. This brings the total amount of levels to 367.

I beat 276 levels total in 2.5 hours. 2.5 hours is 150 minutes. This means beat 1.84 levels per minute as I played. If take the total number of levels in that part of the game, we get about 199.46 minutes. That's a little less than 3 hours 20 minutes, which seems pretty good, except I haven't taken into account the higher difficulty of the later levels of the game. I'll assume it will take 20% longer to beat all level after the ones I beat, which makes the levels per minute at 1.5333. This means it will take 53.35 minutes to beat the remaining 91 levels. Add that to the 150 minutes I used to beat the earlier part of the game and you get 203 minutes. So an estimate on how long it takes to beat this game is about 3 hours, 23 minutes.

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