What? No! Of course I'm not leaving this place! In case anybody was wondering, I was just a little annoyed that I'd been hyped for the whole week for the update. I threatened to never come back, but no way! This is my main hobby, and where's my place in the world without it? I'm a complete meme at school about it, the Run 3 guru, all things that involve a little gray alien. I'm back now, since I know Player 03 could do nothing about Run 3 when on a family reunion. 

So, now that I'm back to work again here, what do I want to do? I've found the biggest problem with the level guide, which is that some of the pages have two sentences. It's just really genetic and kind of repetitive, and I want to find a way to make it informative, definitive and somewhat interesting. Well, since I'm the 'little things' kind of person, I'll just fix quality, insert templates, and I hope that if we all work together we can continue to work here!

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