I am Doing Some Challenges for myself. Try them if you are up for a challenge.

1. Gravity Corner: Beat New Tunnel Part 9 as the Runner with only the jump button.

2. Thick Green: Beat Winter Games part 4 without jumping or touching ramps.

3: Ramp Course: Beat Winter Games Part 19 as the Skater Without jumping.

4: Dark Crumbling Cave: Beat Low Power Tunnel Part 23 without dislodging tiles.

5: Dark Checkers : Beat Low Power Tunnel Part 20 without jumping. You also have to move in one direction

6: Boundary Gravity: Finish Level B-10 as the Runner without changing gravity or floating outside of the tunnel.

7: Icy Marathon: Beat Winter Games Part 20 as the Skater without jumping.

8: One Try Finish: Complete Plan C Part 10 in one gravity switch.

9: Figure One: Complete Plan C Part 1 in one gravity switch.

10: Straight Hologram Path: Beat The Way Back Part 16 with only the jump button.

11: Snake Exit: Complete Level B-2 as the Skater in 1 jump.

12: Anything Left To Check?: Complete I-5 with the Runner without moving right.

13: Gray Is Not Right: Beat The Way Back Part 14 without moving right or dislodging tiles.

14: Down Up: Beat Plan C Part 6 with the Bunny without pressing the jump button

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