FireyArt21 FireyArt21 20 December 2020

Sorry for being inactive.

Hello again! I'm sorry for not continuing the books I've been working on for the last few months,I had school and didn't have time to write anything and I had writer's block. I will continue writing soon,but until then I'll try to come up with ideas.

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 2 October 2020

Help me pls or I'll break your kneecaps.

Help. I need character ideas for the book I'm currently working on. Pls help.

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 28 September 2020

The Tunnel Experiment Chapter 1.

As soon as that announcement went off,I quickly picked up the clothing on the dresser. The uniform they were talking about consisted of a white sweatshirt,a t-shirt,black pants,and gray boots. Thankfully,they fit. I looked at the door, considering my options.

"Should I make a run for it? Or should I just listen to the voice?"

This is your first choice. This one won't change the story,unlike the other ones. But choose one to see what happens.

  1. Run!
  2. Listen to the voice.

If you chose to run,read the paragraph below. If you chose to listen, read the second paragraph.

Run: I'll take my chances. I ran. I ran as fast I could, hoping whoever is doing this is a slow runner. I wasn't going to let them catch me-


Uh oh. I looked behind me, seeing som…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 27 September 2020

The Tunnel Experiment Prologue.

Hello! Welcome to my first interactive story. This story will depend on the choices you make,and I'll put the choices at the end of each chapter. But choose wisely..some choices might end in serious consequences. Enjoy!

Ow..My I? I wake up in a very bright room. So bright in fact,that it blinds me for several minutes. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Erin Terrace Or Digger,my preferred name. My life is sort of average. Except for the fact that the president doesn't let us use our actual names. All that we can use are labels. Those labels have to become our profession. I hate it,but that's just life for anyone who lives here..I try calling out.

"Hey! Anyone here? Hello??"

Nothing. I sign, looking around the room. I…

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FireyArt21 FireyArt21 13 September 2020

Rising Sun Chapter 15: Oblivion

Detective's POV:

"Merchant?! Where are you??"

I walked around the halls, trying to look for him. I have the tiniest hope that he somehow survived the fall but,It was a 50 foot drop. No one can survive that..I had already lost my voice at that point, also losing my hope that he survived.


I turned around, looking at the person. Thankfully it was Waitress, holding what looks a baby. I pieced together why Student's stomach had a gash in it.

"Hey Waitress-"

Waitress:"Have you seen Artist anywhere? He was dragged off by some..weird thing."

I froze. He was missing too?! I shook my head, saying I haven't seen him.

"Just be careful."

Waitress:"I will. You too."

I then walked off into the darkness.

Street Artist's POV:

"Whoever you are..let me …

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