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Street Artist's POV:

I sat down on the grass, waiting for something to happen again. I looked at Zombie, who was sleeping next to a tree. I couldn't stop staring at the horrible burn scars All over his body, another reason the government's the worst. 

"Hey Zombie?"

Zombie:"Ugh..yeah Artist?"

"What did they do to you after the accident?"

Zombie:"They basically put me in complete isolation. My family wasn't even allowed to visit me. I was just in one room,not knowing when I'll be let out."

"I'm sorry for that.."

Zombie:"Now can I ask you a question?"


He paused, considering asking the question.

Zombie:"Where'd you get the scar on your face?"


I put my hand over the mark, feeling the knobby scar. I remembered the day that it happened.

"Got into a fight with some jerk. He knocked me into a wall, causing it to cut my face."

Zombie:"Who was the guy?"

"I have no clue."

I tucked my legs into my chest, fiddling with the wet grass. 'Then a older woman walked over to us,why do I recognize her? 



She looked like she's been through hell. She rubbed her arm and then said,

Runner:"You guy's doing ok?"


Runner:"If you guys see any of the guards.. please get away from there as fast as you can."

I rub my leg and remembered when I killed that cop..


He just shot Zombie in the leg. He then fell backwards into the water,most likely unable to swim because of his injury.


Cop:"Unless you want to die as well..I suggest you come with me."


I grabbed the bat. I walked over to the cop and started hitting him over the head over and over again. I think I hit him about 10 or 11 times before he went limp. I looked at the water to see air bubbles coming from the surface. 

"Oh no.."

I ran over,took a huge breath, and jumped into the water. I opened my eye, letting the water sting it as I swam down to try to find him.

"Where are you?! Please don't be dead please don't be dead.."

I was about to give up when my arm hit something warm and heavy. It was Zombie unconscious, or dead... I accidentally took in a mouthful of water seeing his deathlike state, causing me to gag, and had to pinch my nose shut and cover my mouth to make sure I didn't inhale too much. I grabbed his arm and pulled him up.

"Please tell me I'm not too late.."

I gasped for breath as I popped up from the water, trying to get Zombie's head above the water as I swam over to the dock. I then started to resuscitate him by trying to do chest compressions. I thought he was gone.. already dead before I heard a tiny breath come from his mouth. He suddenly woke up, coughing up water and breathing heavily. He started looking around, confused and terrified.

"Zombie, It's ok.. You're fine, Don't worry.."

Zombie:"Where is the cop?.. Wasn't he here a second ago?.."

He took one look at the blood on my jacket and spotted the body. He then proceeded to pass out again.



Skater:"Hello..? Sir? You ok?"

"Yeah.. I'm ok.."

Skater:"Well you blanked out for a while."

Caveman had already came back from his house to put The Cheetah in her cage/pen. He was reading a book happened. A guard snuck up on Caveman..and stabbed him in the neck and arm. He fell to the ground bleeding to death as Climber stuck a grappling hook in the guard's head.

Zombie:"No..NO NO NO!!"

He ran over to Caveman,who was barely alive and bleeding everywhere,and held his head in his lap. Taking off his jacket,he pressed on hand on his arm,the other on his neck with the jacket to stanch the blood flow.


Zombie:"I-I'm here.. I'm right here Caveman.."

Caveman:"I-It h..urts.."

Looking at his injuries,I see that the knife had cut several arteries. He's either going to die from the infection or the blood loss. Caveman was whimpering in pain as the jacket,now drenched in blood,was taken off.

Zombie:"Give me the gun."


Zombie:"I'm not watching him slowly bleed out.. I'm going to put him out of his misery.."

Hesitant,I gave him the gun..Tears started to fall down his face as he put it to Caveman's head.

Zombie:"I'm sorry.."

He then pulled the trigger. Caveman then slumped on the grass..dead. Zombie started crying as he held his head on his lap. 

I'm not going to let anyone else die. I'm going help end this. One way or another.

End of Chapter 16..

Death list: 1.Founder:Shot in the head. 2.Cop:head bashed in with a bat. 3.Duplicator:Smoke inhalation. 4. Student:blood loss and infection. 5. Galaxian: Accidentally electrocuted by The Scientist. 6.Jester:throat slit.7.Caveman: Shot in the head.