Run Wikia

Chemist's POV:

"They're probably dead!!!"

I was kind of having a mental breakdown. My siblings are nowhere to be found. Hopefully they're safe. 

Scientist:"I'm sure they're ok Chemist.."

"You sure..?"

Scientist:"99% positive!"

"Ok..not sure about the other 1%."

The door sounded like it was about to get knocked down because of the guards. Astronaut did put some equipment to help block it..but it looked like it wouldn't help for long.

Astronaut:"Ok..that will hold them."

"You sure?"

Astronaut:"Hm.. probably."

As soon as he said that..the door broke. 

Scientist:"Oh no!"

"I thought you were sure it wouldn't!!"

I looked around for a window. Nope. An air vent? Yes but it's really small. The guards were surrounding us like hungry sharks. 

Astronaut:"I was wrong."

Guard:"Put your hands in the air!"

???:"Don't touch my sibling you jerks!!"

I looked over to the wall to see..Sailor driving a bulldozer towards the guards. Knocking them over or just flat out running them over.

Sailor:"Hey little brother."

I instantly ran over to hug him,but some guards were about to get up. And I do not want to get shot today.

"I think we need to run!!"

Scientist:"Ok! You guys go!"

"What about you guys?!"

Astronaut:"We're experienced with this!"

He said that as he wacked a guard over the head with a pipe. Sailor grabbed my wrist and we started running. 

Sailor:"So what were you doing before I got there?"

"Getting chased by guards. You?"

Sailor:"Same! Except I stole a freaking bulldozer!"

I tried not to laugh from imagining that. Bulldozer's are not something to mess with. We kept running from the guards that were chasing us. Until I heard someone say,"Drop the bombs!"


We looked up to see a helicopter holding some sort of bomb at the bottom. Sailor, looking terrified, shoved me out of the way while mumbling,

Sailor:"I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you.."

Then the bombs went off. Knocking me backwards into a tree.

Then everything went black.

Runner's POV:

"Are those explosions?"

Climber:"I think they are.."

We looked out of the shed to see fire everywhere. I walked out just to see something fall into my was a blue and white sailor's hat. I started panicking seeing it was my brother's hat.


Climber:"Runner I'm sorry-"

But I had already ran out into the smoke and fire. I started calling out my brothers names.

"Sailor!! Chemist!!"

I looked over by a tree to see Chemist, barely alive and badly injured. 



I picked him up, holding him in my arms as I ran back to the shed. I started coughing and felt light headed from the smoke. I managed to get back in time before another bomb went off. Sealing Sailor's fate. I laid Chemist on the ground, trying to keep him awake as I tried not to cry. I failed the second part. I didn't have any sort of medicine or anything to help with the pain or burns.

"I'm sorry I didn't get there in time.."

Chemist:"Not your fault.."

I held Sailor's hat in my arms, crying.

End of Chapter 19..

Death list: 1. Founder:Shot in the head 2. Cop: head bashed in. 3. Duplicator:smoke inhalation. 4.Student: infection and blood loss. 5: Galaxian: Accidentally electrocuted. 6. Jester: throat slit. 7. Caveman: shot in the head. 8. Alchemist:shot in the back. 9. Sailor: Obliterated by a bomb.