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Gentleman's POV:

I was walking around the neighborhood, upset about the situation. Everything looks deserted and lonely..Not like it used to be.

"Come on Lizard.."

I picked it up and carried It,well for a second because it gotten too heavy to carry. I spotted What I thought was a guard the distance.


Angel:"Oh hello."

"Oh geez!! I didn't recognize you for a while."

He turned around, wiping the blood off his face.

"What are you doing here?"

Angel:"Planning to get the guards off your guys backs."

"That's suicide!!"

Angel:"I know.. someone else tried to talk me out of it."

He crossed his arms a little, seeing bruises on them. 

"And besides.. You're injured enough!"

Angel:"I don't have to look like my old self. I'll just be killed and it'll be done with."

I grabbed his arm, preventing him from walking away. 

"I've already lost someone I loved as a sister. I'm not about to let you go through hell all over again.. you'll be killed after they get their hands on you!"

I let go of his arm, letting him rub it again. He walked away, possibly into danger. I then felt sharp pain in my chest. I looked down to see the see a sword sticking out it. Angel turned around, looking shocked and ran forward. I started to feel like I was dying,and I couldn't see anything anymore..I fell to the ground. Dead.

Angel's POV: 

"Oh shit!"

I ran towards Gentleman's dead body,only to be tackled to the ground with a gun pointed to my head.

Guard:"Angel,You are under arrest!!"

I couldn't stop staring at Gentleman's body,which had a pool of blood forming from it. This is my fault..I should've stayed with him..and now he's dead. I was forced to my feet and was pushed into a van. The guard was calling the president about him just capturing a fugitive.

Guard:"Hey Mr. President? I've got someone who escaped."

President:"Good,meet at the facility in 10 minutes."

I sat in the back, unable to unlock the doors,which had the cheap childproof locks that always get stuck. I buried my face in my hands, regretting leaving Gentleman behind. I was shoved out of the van and pushed into a elevator..that led to a maze of death.

Runner's POV:

​​​​​​I woke up in the middle of the night, sliding my legs off of the bed to check on Chemist,who was sleeping on the other bed. I walked to the bathroom to get bandages and this burn cream that our dad used to help us with swelling when we were younger. I grabbed the first aid kit and went back to him. I gave him the medicine and tried to sleep again. Then I saw a picture of the 3 of us at Chemist's graduation. 

"Heh..why couldn't have things stay the same as they did before.."

I laid down holding the picture sobbing my eye out, trying my best to stay quiet so I don't wake him up. The picture had me,39 at the time. Sailor,35. And Chemist,17 at the moment. 

"W-why did you have to die Sailor..?..'

I laid my head back on the pillow, trying to sleep again. I eventually did, letting my body go into complete darkness.

Demagogue's POV:

"Child I'll be back in a second, Just need to check outside."

Child:"Ok mom! Stay safe!"

I went out and..I wished I just stayed in. There was smoke and fire everywhere as.. someone touched my shoulder. I turned around and they tried stabbing at me, thankfully I dodged but.. whoever it was shot something at me,a spear.

My eye widened as someone shoved me out of the way. I looked up to see..A spear,the size of a tree branch,had impaled her in the stomach. I caught her as she fell and carried her to a corner.

"Soldier..why did you do that?!"

Soldier:"Heh.. It's ok..I basically deserved it. I'm sorry..for everything I did..I wish I was a better person.."

"Just stay awake.. Don't close your eye.."

Soldier:"I'm already done for miss..stay safe.. I'm sorry.. just remember I deserve this.."

"You don't!! Soldier..? Are you awake..?"

She went limp in my arms. Beginning to cry,I closed her eye and took the spear out of her stomach and threw it.

"Goodbye Soldier.."

I then went inside and hugged Child tight.

"I love you son.."

Child:"Love you too mom.."

End of Chapter 23..

Death list: 1.Founder: shot in the head 2. Cop:head bashed in. 3. Duplicator:smoke inhalation. 4. Student: infection and blood loss. 5. Galaxian: accidentally electrocuted. 6. Jester:throat slit. 7. Caveman: shot in the head. 8. Alchemist:shot in the back. 9. Sailor: Obliterated by a bomb. 10. Experimenter: Poisoned by a dart. 11. Fashionista:blood loss after being stabbed. 12. Messager: speared in the chest. 13. Digger:blood loss after being slashed in the stomach. 14. Gentleman: impaled by a katana. 15.Soldier: Impaled in the gut with a spear.