Q Tunnel This tunnel has 6 levels and mainly focuses on the color blue.

J Tunnel I decided to take it up a notch and match the levels by shape. This tunnel mainly focuses on 7 sides, and coincidentally, it has 7 levels.

My "C Tunnel" This tunnel has 10 levels. Compared to the real C Tunnel, it's a bit like nothing.

R Tunnel This tunnel is just bland. It has 7 levels, with level 5 just needed to have a bit more tiles.

Not Sure About This This tunnel was just a testing field to see if the power still changes. It didn't at the time of creation. This tunnel contains 6 levels.

Well, Another Level Set Another one of these "scattered with normal tiles" tunnels, eh? It contains 5 levels.

Illuminati *X-Files theme plays* This tunnel contains only 4 levels.

The "Perfect" Tunnel ...for beginners that is. I guess it isn't perfect, level 6 is only feasible with the Lizard. This tunnel contains 7 levels. All the levels were short.

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