• GoBo15

    Pastafarian Tips and Tricks

    August 10, 2018 by GoBo15

    Ok, I know that after this update, views on His Noodly appendage have become very mixed, and a lot of people don't even know how she works, so if you're confused, try this masterclass!

    The first things you'll have noticed are that it doesn't give her a speed boost anymore, and that jumping off or on it strengthens it instead of weakening it. The bridge is weakened by jumping on or off regular tiles. Also, quite importantly, the bridge is weaker in darkness (like the Duplicator and Angel's abilities) and if it becomes weak enough, the bridge won't appear around crumbling tiles at ALL. It starts off only one square around each tile, but by jumping on it, you can make the bridge much stronger than the previous bridge. BUT, (and this is a big b…

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  • GoBo15

    Student vs. Angel

    July 19, 2018 by GoBo15

    Inspired by Random Pro's Duplicator vs. Pastafarian, I'm going to ask you to submit your name, your winner, and why you think they are best. I have a prediction of who I think will win, but I'm not going to mention who yet...

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  • GoBo15

    I noticed these in the files, and I was wondering if we should add them to the tunnel pages.

    • L-Tunnel - "Particularly hard with the skater, and the Lizard to a lesser extent."
    • M-Tunnel - "Lots of adjacent crumbling tiles, not in an orderly arrangement."
    • C-Tunnel - "Levels with moving tiles, but normal tiles are the focus."
    • P-Tunnel - "sideways-moving tiles only"
    • J- and K-Tunnels - "boxes, ramps, or just normal tiles"

    Achievement Notes:

    • id-120 (The Way Back)-"Achievement for coming back and winning with the Child?" Does this imply that more characters could be able to play it (Currently, you can only use the Duplicator).
    • id-276 (Plan A)-"Achievement for winning in three jumps or less?"

    There are 6 Wormhole Levels- 317, 345, 386, 367, 180 and 312 (w…

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  • GoBo15

    Season Ideas

    May 24, 2018 by GoBo15

    I'm putting this into a blog post because it would take up too much space on the Suggestions page.

    Player 03 said my idea for more seasons was "Likely", :so I thought I'd go into more detail.

    Birthday skin: Power cells look like presents/cake and levels have ice tiles (like cake icing?) Time: Around Run 3's birthday (or the Run trilogy's birthday) April Fool's Day skin: Power cells appear more often, but some award 0 (April Fool joke!) Custom skin: This is only accessible via the Season Switcher. You can pick 2 colours, and all the levels turn to those colours, and you can choose any seasonal power cell skin. Valentine's Day skin: Power cells look like hearts, and levels are red or pink.

    And now for the photoshopped images I said about.

    This is the…

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  • GoBo15

    New Update

    May 7, 2018 by GoBo15

    New IM achievements released.

    New achievement - Electrophobia.

    IM achievements have had the rewards reduced, but YOU CAN NOW EARN THEM AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE!!

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