NOTE: This blog post was originally a page on this wiki. However, I have decided to put it into a blog post.

So you know how in the fan feed, when an article doesn't have a picture, what you get instead is a gray fandom symbol? Well, for some reason, there is a problem where this actually happens with some random articles(Levels, etc) that actually does have a picture. Why does this happen? Note: this can be fixed for most articles by just republishing them.(Except the ones that I put in Category:Articles whose pictures don't show up in fan feed, probably because the picture is too small) Also, it takes a different amount of time for that method to work depending on the article.

But I haven't got to the weirdest part yet. What really bugs me is for some reason, doing something to level articles(For example, adding categories, adding another photo to the article) actually does the opposite:It STOPS the picture from showing up in fan feed. That also just happens randomly once in a while. Not only that, but remember when I said that the problem can be fixed for most articles by just republishing them? Well, it actually works for only a computer or only a phone, depending on the categories that the level has! That's so weird! Here's everything that I know about that so far:

  • The method works for most level articles on the computer.
  • For the Main tunnel levels, it works on the phone.
  • For the normal levels with only a bridge building counterpart, it works on the phone(Probably as long as it has a bridge building template). However, it works on the computer for actual bridge building levels. Intrestingly, it works on the computer for main tunnel levels with a bridge building counterpart.
  • For angel missions, everything works on the computer.
  • For achievement articles, the method works on the phone.

Does anyone know why on earth all of this happens??? Also, the wrong picture might show up in fan feed. For example, T-4 in the fan feed currently shows the picture of the video instead of the picture in the template. Also, a level or achievement article in the fan feed might even show the picture of a suggested character!(But only for some characters). Does anyone know what on earth is going on with fan feed?

(The reason why I created this page is because I'm an anonymous user and anonymous users can't create blog posts)

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