Every one of us who have beaten the published levels are thinking, when will we be getting the next update, and hopefully the answer is accurate and the update won't get delayed yet.

Yeah, even diehard fans like me are getting less and less interested about this series. It is definitely possible for me to forget this series if the next update comes after 6 months. Well, you can see how much I get less enthusiastic than before. I edit less frequently, and was here rarely. I haven't even played Run 3 for a week. I'm sure Player 03 is trying to develop Runaway to attract more players and stuff, but it is definitely ironic if it in turns delay the next update and loses the players. I'm sure by the time this update is here, I may already forget the series, just like Aquarstar in the Wiki.

And no, this series are getting less players. Lots of old fans are leaving due to the infrequent updates, and there are less and less new players. Some of them just thought that there are only 65 levels in the game and thought that they had already beaten everything. Lucky for them, they are ignorant enough to not suffer from the pain of waiting for the next update.

It is ironic that this game is getting an update which in turns decrease the number of its players. Our views on this wiki is dropping. Our number of edits are dropping. A number of our members quit. Our wiki is dying, as we are waiting desperate for another update. Just for waiting for the update, we are walking farther and farther from this series, and by the time this update finally arrives, most players, like me, have already left this place and the game. No one is going to be left for enjoying the update.

I sincerely hope that there is a new update, Even if it means that is a minor one. I will accept split updates. Player 03, if you are seeing this, I hope that you will consider a split update. We fans and players are tired of waiting .


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