Everything...on a small island... is quiet...suddenly...tons of...grey orbs are teleported there?

A voice is heard... Welcome....if you want to know who I am, call me NP, I pit innocent characters to the death for laughs. Don't worry, after it you shall be without further ado since I can't write scripts, team up!Oh, and animals, have a translation thing...

Team Panda

3 Pandas automatically go to each other for help, with a Red Panda joining in as well. Panda:Hello fellow cute ones! Brown Panda:Uhm...hello? Panda:If we can team up, we can win this! Albino:Why am I the only one who's worried? Red:Yeah....we are just..warped to the middle of nowhere and have to fight to the death? Brown:I's good excercise?

Panda:Look, we will be revived so we are fine! Red:Ok I guess.... Panda:Anyways, I shall be the leader!Lets show them what we can do!

Team Meow

All of the cats have seemed to team up.

The Cat:Hello everyone!




Cheetah:*runs around* anyone going to listen to me?



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