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The Runner followed the Scientist down the Far East Street. Eventually, they made a turn to the Factory. Connected to the Factory was the Laboratory, the place where most scientist's worked. The Scientist was often seen as the boss of both branches, but the Angel is usually put in charge when the Scientist is in his room for months.

A long black pole extended out of the Lab. It wasn't as tall as the main part of the building. The Factory was the only manufacturer in a 50 mile radius, and it produced EVERYTHING. There's a reason the Angel was so high paid, he was even more wealthy than the Gentleman before going into the Tunnels.

Inside was the usual. The Alchemist in his garish outfit throwing things around while the Astronaut, shouting, is looking at a booklet trying to find the right button to launch the satellite on the black pole outside.

The Astronaut pushed what he thought was the right button. Instead something somewhere turned off. Not important, he found the right button right after. After pressing it he turned around.

Astronaut: "Oh! Hello the-"

Alchemist: "SON OF A-"


A loud crash is heard

The Alchemist is looking at a liquid on the floor sizzling.

The Scientist facearms and goes over to investigate

Scientist: "You see, this, is why we don't mess with strange liquids!"

Alchemist: "But strange liquids are the BEST liquids!"

Runner: "So, whats with him?"

Astronaut: "That's the Alchemist, his job is to find ways to extend lifespans and turn things into gold. Needless to say, he hasn't been very sucessful, but he has plenty of spirit."

Runner: "I guess that explains the garish outfit..."

The Runner pauses

Runner: "So...are you going? To the Tunnels?"

The Astronaut sighs.

Astronaut: "Honestly...I'm not sure. On one arm, it feels like my destiny to explore the Stars, beyond just the Moon...but..."

A blaring alarm sounded from the Scientist's pocket.

Scientist: "Oh fiddlesticks, I forgot to tend to my creation!"

Runner: "Creation?"

Scientist: "No time to explain now, besides, don't you have a family you need to go reconnect with?"

The Runner nodded, looking at the clock, she realized it was 9 already, and that she really needed to head home.

On the way out, she got to see the satellite launch.

The Gentleman dragged the Lizard out of the Animal Adoption Center.

The Lizard was now legally his, they were now, the Gentlemen.

The Gentleman shook the Lizard awake once more when he heard a familiar voice.

"My word, the magnificent bloke himself is back!"

Enter the Clockmaker: This chap became just as refined as the Gentleman after discovering his online group of "the Posh Ones". Nowadays he still acts snotty, but he has a genuine fine touch to his craft that no other can match.

Clockmaker: "Where in the world have you been Gent? And what's with that Lizard?"

Gentleman: "This is the Lizard. Or at the bare minimum MY Lizard. I found the specimen in the Tunnels, remember they were in the News years aback? I went there for exploration purposes primarily, but then I found out...well."

The Gentleman pulls off his hat, with his electromagnet and a large amount of batteries on top of said magnet.

The Clockmaker was in awe.

Gentleman: "I made a substantial amount of profit."

The Gentleman put on his hat, closing his eye, opening it to see the Clockmaker running off.

Gentleman: "Clockmaker, where in the blazes are you running off to?"

Clockmaker: "We're going shopping with that mad cash Gent! Grab the Lizard and meet me at the Train Station!"

The Gentleman decided to oblige, and headed home, filled a bag with batteries, and hoisted the sleeping Lizard upon his back, going to the Train Station.

Clockmaker: It seems you've got your hands quite full, mate.

The Gentleman takes a careful step forward. As his balance begins to falter he holds out his arms and narrowly avoids a face full of silicon.

Magician: Been rehearsing that one?

Gentleman: Fret not, you two. I will not be requiring any assistance.

Magician: Require? No. Could really use? Maybe.


He chuckles. The Gentleman's eye lowers in irritation.

Clockmaker: Come now, Gent. I can take on the Lizard.

Magician: From what I hear you must be pretty used to lugging around cash by now, anyways.

The Gentleman raises his free arm to his mouth - as if to signal to everyone that he is deep in thought. After a moment he hands off his bag of batteries to the Clockmaker. His posture immediately improves.

Gentleman: There wasn't much of a need to traverse with the power cells I collected.

He looks up. The Lizard is still soundly asleep.

Gentleman: Jarring to you, perhaps - the bowels of space haven't many stores.

Magician: No kidding. With so much money lying around they'd run out of stock real quick.

The trio walk over to the train - fins gripped with cash and Lizard. Behind them lie several wooden benches - a stark contrast from the glossy black floor they rest upon. Soon the entire station is behind them as they board the Maglev.

The Gentleman scans the area for the perfect seat. One without any cotton spilling out of it's seams. One without acid seeping into them.

His search is interrupted by the Magician and Clockmaker sitting at the first free seats they find. He eyes the row behind them. Then the Lizard.

Gentleman: Apologies. These cushions should not be too displeasurable...

He leans forwards and releases his grip on the Lizard. It slides off gently onto the rightmost seat. He takes the next one over.

Gentleman: I hope.

Magician: Always a stickler about seats. As long as it can sleep I doubt your green friend there will mind.

Clockmaker: I wonder - is the little bugger allowed in transport?

Magneteer: Animals are allowed.

Before they can respond she hurriedly trudges off.

The Magician and Clockmaker look at each other with a shared look of confusion. The Gentleman looks over to see The Lizard still sleeping.

Clockmaker: Wouldn't be the first time a bloke showed up out of nowhere today.

Magician: They don't call me the Magician for nothing.

The Maglev begins to shake. Gently at first - as if the train were a parent trying to nudge her child out of bed. This warm embrace quickly turns cold, however, as the shaking becomes more like an oncoming earthquake. Over the intercoms a woman speaks.

Magneteer: The train can be bumpy. Prepare for take off.

There is a moment of tranquility before the train plummets.

Magneteer: Oh! And don't forget your seatbelts!

She sighs in relief - a sigh so audible it is heard by every passenger.

From the window The Magician watches the stars wiz by - appearing as if they were straight lines. The iridescent skyscrapers of The City looking of nothing more than a fancy set of dominos as they shrink into the distance.

And the Lizard - its eyelid is still firmly shut.

Clockmaker: Gent. Magician. A question.

The Magician's gaze turns from the window - stains of orange and light blue spilling from the early morning sky. He unbuckles from his seat to look over at the row behind him. The Clockmaker moves his body a bit to the left. In front of the two the Lizard stares placidly at the next seat over - where the Gentleman rests.

Magician: Try asking the reptile instead.

Clockmaker: I wouldn't rule it out, mate. What if the rascal blinks in morse code?

They both chuckle. The Lizard's stare is unwavering.

Magician: Well? Don't be shy, now. What's he telling us?

The Clockmaker looks down toward the clock mounted to his belt. There will not be enough time for further banter.

Clockmaker: I'll get back to 'ye on that one.

His fins lock onto the Gentleman's antennae as he lightly pulls backwards. The steady descension of the Maglev then pushes the two forwards - as if challenged to a round of tug-of-war. After a close match the Gentleman's eye begins to open. He releases his grip - forfeiting the match to the train.

Gentleman: ... How long have I been resting?

Clockmaker: I wasn't keeping track - but it's only been twenty...

He peeks again at his clock.

Clockmaker: ... three minutes since we got here, mate.

The Gentleman's gaze is taken by the near rainbow of light pouring out from the windows. It was as if he were a kid witnessing the sunset for the first time.

Clockmaker: Anyways. Which stop are we taking?

Magician: Definitely not the Gilded.

Gentleman: Need I remind you that it's been at minimum two years since last we travelled to the Gilded?

Magician: The minimum should be four.

Clockmaker: Come on, mates! No need to get crook about it.

Magician: The only crooks here are at the Gilded.

Gentleman: One gets what they pay.

Clockmaker: It is Gent's money, after all...

Gentleman: Well appreciated, Clockmaker.

Clockmaker: But most of the Gilded is closed right now. I'm surprised ye' forgot.

Gentleman: Hm. Most unfortunate.

Magician: Even the closing times scream, "we're too good for you".

Clockmaker: We're set to arrive at the Locale in 2 minutes. Sound good, mates?

Gentleman: This is acceptable.

He looks over to the Magician. They exchanged little more than a short glance - but through it communicated an entire essay.

Magician: And next time we can go to the Gilded. They do have some nice capes.

The Locale is a small city, with only a population of around 100, on the surface on the Planet, where many merchants live.

Upon arrival, the group was quickly ambushed by the Tailor, who led them through a series of purchases throughout the town. By the time the group got home, the Gent had spent almost 5% of the money made in the Tunnels...

"I'm not an expert, but wouldn't the theme be a bit more nuanced than that?"

The Student groaned at the Pastafarian

Student: No, the author included subliminal wording on purpose, trust me, we do this all the time.

The Student looked back down at the paper, before scooting back in the chair.

Pasta: You can always take a break you know.

Student: I can't just take A BREAK, I'm two and a half years behind in schoolwork.

Pasta: But will it really matter if you plan on self teaching in the Tunnels?

The Student sighed, before her phone rang beside her. She slowly reached for it, until seeing it was from the Scientist, which she at once jumped towards her bag in a frenzy to answer the call.

Student: Yeah, what is it sir? Do you need something sir?

Scientist: First of all, stop calling me sir!

Student: Sorry sir...

Scientist... ANYWAYS, I got the general idea of what the Tunnels are about, but, well, before going on an expedition I need to know everything, don't you think? So real quick run do-

The Student hung up, put on her bag, and grabbed the Pastafarian and ran out the door.

Pasta: Wait, where exactly are we going?

Student: We gotta meet with the Scientist, quick!

The pair kept running until they reached the art club. Normally they would of paid no mind, but the Artist and the Painter were holding up a large statue of what appeared to be an alien covered in black petals. The Sketcher was sitting in the corner, sketching it of course, while the Bursar gave directions as to where to put the statue.

The Student intervened.

Student: So uh, ok no what the heck is THAT?

Bursar: Oh, hello Student! Well, to put it simply, it's a floralien! I saw it in a dream and thought it looked wonderful, so I sculpted it! Isn't she the greatest? I call her the enigma!

Thoroughly weirded out, the Student backed up back into the hallway, and the Pastafarian closed the door.

The Scientist heard a knock on his door.

Scientist: You know Student, I was just going to ask you to tell me on the phone.

Student: But what good is talking over the phone? We need to be in person for the real effect!

Pastafarian: Are you sure he isn't just a false idol of yours?

The Scientist let the duo in, urging them both to take a seat.

The group discussed the nature of the Tunnels long into the night, the Scientist struggling to write down everything the Student said, let alone comprehend it with how fast she spoke.

The Pastafarian noted that this was the happiest she had ever seen the Student...


"Yeah, here are the keys son, I'll be down with ya in a minute."

The Chemist ran down stairs. The Sailor and Runner already waiting at the door to the basement.

Before the Chemist even got to the basement steps...


The Sailor got impatient and kicked the door open...


The Sailor wasn't expecting it to fly open...

Runner: " least it's still on the hinges."

The Chemist runs past them into the basement.

Chemist: "Come on come on!"

The Runner comes in first after the Chemist, then the Sailor, then the Survivalist makes it down.

Survivalist: "If that door broke you would of paid."

Sailor: "You say that like I don't have enough money to pay for a door."

Survivalist: "Have you been to the Marketplace recently? I tell ya ever since the Marketer and his brother stopped running that place it went down the tubes."

The reason this whole commotion was going, was because after the Runner got home, the Sailor brought up how they haven't been in the basement for years now.

Now, the family goes to explore it and relive their childhood.

The Sailor finds a bunch of small boats, the Chemist some old chemistry sets, and the Survivalist, being the myth he is, looks at his trophy shelf.

The Runner looks around, finding various pictures of her and the Jogger, her prom date that still teases her to this day.

But after a minute, she feels something brush up against her leg.

She looks down to see a VHS case on the floor.

Runner: "Hey guys, look at this..."

The rest of the family rushes over, the Sailor jumping on top of the Chemist.

After getting the Sailor off of him, the Chemist grabs the case and blows on it, revealing it to be the old film, the Genie.

Survivalist: "Oh lord, you guys used to watch this constantly."

Chemist: "Runner, put it in the VCR!"

The Runner obliges, and after a couple minutes, the family is sitting on the furniture, as the film begins.

The dust in the room glows from the light of the TV.


Chemist: "I miss mom..."


Demagouge: "See you at 5 son!"

Trickster: "Don't worry, grandpa here will take fine care of him!"

The Demagogue watched her son go with the Skater, Waitress, and Trickster, before the Duplicator pulled on her arm.

Duplicator: "Come on, we have to get to the Hall of Records before they reject my name change, I can't do this all over AGAIN."

Demagogue: "Well, actually, you see, we have other plans, we have to go meet with the other Theorists."

By the time she finished her sentence, the Duplicator had left, leaving the Demagogue alone with the Bunny.

By this point she was used to it. They for sure loved each other, but the Demagogue was getting really hot headed recently.

She quickly made way for the Podium, meeting the Interrogator and the Ranger there.

Demagogue: "Did...did no one else come?"

The Ranger, spinning his big old iron around his hip, gave a gaze that answered "yes".

The Ranger was what you could call the strong, silent type. Of the Theorist's, he was the strongest in his beliefs besides the Demagogue herself, and was always ready to act out on her threats. One of the more dangerous dynamics to say the least. When he does speak, he usually only yells YOIY.

The Interrogator however was pretty much the opposite. All bark, no bite. But to be fair, he had a really loud bark.

Nowadays you could find him working as the Detective, which is legally his name now, but people still call him the Interrogator when he wears his casual clothes.

He became a detective to help those around him, while also scooping up some Government secrets for the Demagogue...

And his employer...

"Hello, Demagogue."

A fedora arose up from behind the Podium, and the Neutralist soon followed.

"And hello to your, bouncing friend as well."

The Demagogue had almost forgotten about the Bunny. It was calmer than normal. As if the Child's presence made it more hyperactive.

Demagogue: "Ugh, hello Neutralist."

The Neutralist was an extremely shady centrist political figure that no one ever messed with.

He wasn't a part of the Movement, but he often used it's distrust of the Government to his advantage.

Demagogue: "... Listen, Ranger. I need you to take charge in my stead ok? I'm going to be gone for awhile. I'm going to the Tunnels."

Interrogator: "The what now?"


Demagogue: "Those, things, up in space. You can't change my mind Interrogator. I'm going."

The Interrogator is silent. The Demagogue turns to leave, the Ranger stands up straight.

Ranger: "Stay safe."

Neutralist: "Oh, his first words!"

The Ranger proceeded to chase the Neutralist around with his iron.

The Skater immediately skated ahead, with the Child following behind.

The Trade Fair was busy, as usual, and many familiar faces could be seen.

The Merchant and the Fashionista, selling their usual wares, the Jester preforming, the Galaxian showing off.

Even some people who had left by now could still be detected, such as the Sprayer and his graffiti on some of the tents.

The Child found a tent with arcade machines, went inside, and came out.

Child: "Grandpa, Grandpa, can I hang out with the Gamer in the arcade?"

Trickster: "Sure, as long as the Skater is with you."

Child: "Yay! Skater, Skater, come here!"


Waitress: "He...seems like quite the handful."

Trickster: "Heh, I could say the same for you."

Waitress: "Actually, the Skater is very independent, he's decided to go into the Tunnels again."

Trickster: "My son said something about that, only if it isn't a one way trip like last time he said he'll go."

Waitress: "I would go, but, I don't want to be a burden. Besides, someone has to look after the house."

Various passerbyers shove the two out of the way, which is what they get for standing in the middle of the road.

Trickster: "Alright, let's head into the Bar real quick. Drinks on me."

As the two head to the Bar however...

???: "Ma'm, mind removing your uniform?"

The Cop. One of the more average members of the Department.

The Waitress turned around, clearly used to this.

The Waitress was an avid fighter for "fashion rights", which may sound silly, but is a genuine problem due to the strict uniform laws.

Waitress: "And why should I listen to you? You only have your hat on, no uniform."

Cop: "I'm off the job, only here to enjoy myself, but I'm not about to let you ruin it."

Waitress: "Ruin it how? And isn't it illegal to do your job without your uniform?"

Cop: "..."

Cop: "You may be right it's stupid, but it's still the law. If I catch you while on the job, I'll have to confiscate the uniform."

Bidding the two farewell, the Cop went on with his day, as did the parental pair.

Sitting down in the bar, getting their drinks from the Drunkard, the Tunnels happen to come up, as they have been in many conversations recently.

Trickster: "I also have to look over the house as well...Negotiator lives in the countryside, or at least as much of a countryside you can get in the City."

Waitress: "...Negotiator...has he...always been the way he is?"

Trickster: "He's always been a bit rebellious...but his wife completely changed him. But regardless of politics, they still make a good couple."

Waitress: "Is it weird, that I sort of envy them?"

Trickster: "A lot of couples I've seen do. aren't...part of a couple anymore are you?"

Waitress: "I still am...I just...haven't seen him in awhile now..."

From the Bar, they could hear the Child yelling for them. Leaving their payment, they go back to their normal activites at the Trade Fair.

The Angel stared at his ceiling.

His apartment wasn't all that nice looking.

He kept his job at the Factory, along with his high position, but had a severe pay cut.

Thankfully, his previously acquired wealth helped out quite a bit.

Regardless, he just wanted to go back to bed. He's miserable enough on foggy days like this.

His phone rang.

He quickly answered it and blurted out into the phone.

Angel: "Damn it Digger, what do you want?"

"This isn't the Digger."


Oh my.

It was indeed not the Digger.

But instead the Weatherman.

The Weatherman was feared by many, less of a "psychopath criminal" sense and more of a folklore sense.

The way he dealt with people, and problems for that matter, has lead him to become the Angel's role model.

And here he is. On his phone.

The Angel struggled for several seconds to find the right words. Act normal? Act formal? Act like a fanboy?

He decided to act normally.

Angel: "It's a pleasure to talk, really, but, why so early?"

Weatherman: "You see, before you left the Planet, well, we'll talk about it when you get it. Come here in an hour."

An hour later, the Angel, somehow managed to make it on time to the Weatherman's house through the fog.

His door opened.

The Angel was bombarded with the gust of fans, blowing off any potential moisture that could be dragged onto the floor.

The Angel walked in, not seeing the Weatherman around, but mostly empty, fancy rooms. He used none of them for there intended purpose, with the living room having a luxury chair that had a bunch of weather related gadgets on it.

The air flow was perfect, and the air temperature wasn't cold so it ached anyone throat, nor too hot to bear being in at all.

Of course, the Weatherman wasn't able to manage all of this himself, running down the spiral staircase came the Raindrop, the last child the Weatherman would ever adopt. She doesn't know who her parents are, and she doesn't care either, despite the Weatherman's futile attempts at finding them. People don't often come out in public about abandoning their child.

Raindrop: Oh, you must be uh, the Angel right? Mr. Weatherman is waiting upstairs!

She ran back up just as loudly as she ran down the stairs, the Angel jogging up after her.

The first thing he saw was an incredibly long table with the Weatherman sitting on the other end. The air up here was cold, likely because the Weatherman refused to ever take off his rubber jacket.

The Angel could barely hear him demanding he take a seat.

It was mortifying, the Angel and the Weatherman stared at each other for about two minutes before the Weatherman got up, and told the Angel to come sit on a cushion while the Weatherman worked on a gadget.

Weatherman: So it's come to my attention that you were stuck in the sky for awhile correct?

Angel: Uh, yeah?

Weatherman: And you abandoned your water turbine right?

Angel: How did I abandon it?

He quizzically looked at the walls, they were glowing in various places, and there was a poster saying "VOLATILE OBJECTS" with a picture of the Raindrop's shoes on it.


Weatherman: Well, you forgot to test it against flash floods. Now that wouldn't be an issue, except, you see, I hooked my power supply up to it. And then a flash flood came.

The Angel sunk into the cushion.

Weatherman: I thought that you would be capable enough to had tested it, but, I had too high regard for you. My home was out of power for two weeks. Do you know what could of happened if a disaster struck while I was busy fixing it?

The Angel sunk even deeper into the cushion.

Weatherman: Now, I need you to go flash flood proof it.

Angel: Wait, how?

Weatherman: You're an engineer you can figure it out.

Angel: Sir, I'm sorry, but isn't it reckless of you to have even used a water turbine you find in the middle of nowhere.

Weatherman: Well, you can repay me a different way.

Angel: How?

Weatherman: Go back into the Tunnels and wire them up to the Planet.

The Angel immediately left to go finish his turbine, the Raindrop giving him a coat and wishing him a good evening.

And finally, one day, the Runner received a call.

She picked up the phone and immediately was bombarded with static noises and a voice.

Scientist: "The results are in, return trips are 24/7!"

Special thanks to A-16 for writing most of the Gentleman's segment!