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This is the Late Game Guide for our walkthrough guides on Run 3. Late Game starts around when one finishes all the released levels in Explore levels, and consists of:

  • Getting all the achievements (Like Unlimited Endurance or far Infinite Mode achievements)
  • Getting all the Characters
  • Getting more power cells after getting all the characters
  • Maybe doing hard challenges on Explore Mode (Like N-8 skater without jumping or NT 9 with Lizard)

Farming Edit

Farming Power Cells can be done in Infinite Mode, or Explore Mode. However, because power cells in Infinite Mode are worth much more, Infinite Mode is recommended.

Using the Gentleman on Infinite mode can gain around 75 power cells per minute, if one is skilled with the Gentleman. One can also use a fast character (like the Bunny or Angel the Skater dies too easily) to get to 2000m, and then use the Gentleman from there on.

Everything in the shop can only be bought once except finding more boxes in Infinite Mode. This will be the only thing left in the shop after getting enough power cells.

  • The upgrade cost doubles every time one buys it.

AFK Farming Edit

Certain levels can actually be used to farm power cells while AFK(away from keyboard). The way to do this is to use the Gentleman and go to a good level, like T-7 or Level 5. Then, you start holding up. About every 1 in 3 attempts, the Gentleman will shoot off toward a power cell and collect it. You can trick the game into thinking you're still holding up by using any keyboard shortcut to switch away from Run 3's tab. Ctrl+T or ⌘ + T work well.Simply leave your computer running(with Run 3's tab open) and you can get up to 10 power cells per minute(4800 in one hour) on a good level.

  • Sadly, this is not possible on mobile.

Or use Gentleman on NT9, hold up and right, click off screen while holding, and afk

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