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It's just so frustrating that I have to start over every time I fall.

This achievement is rather difficult and is considered quite hard. Due to its hard difficulty, the power cell reward for this achievement is higher than most achievements. Infinite Mode level achievements are usually not affected by this and they still keep their 25-75 power cell rewards if not affected.

Introduction Edit

Widdershins is an Achievement in Run 3.

It requires you to go 1000 meters as the Lizard without moving left. (Conveyors are ok).

Suggested character: LizardFront

(Note: Since you can only get the achievement with the Lizard, it will be the only suggested character.)

Gameplay Edit

When doing this achievement, first off, don’t move right too much. This will result in a fail after some time. Second off, when jumping, make your jumps precise. If you don’t focus on your goal, that will also result in a fail. Third off, use the Lizard’s slow speed to your advantage. It will help you navigate the Tunnel safely. Whatever you do, don’t go left. That is not allowed in this achievement. It took some time for editors on this wiki to get this achievement, but it is possible. Use our tips and you should succeed. Hopefully.

Tip: Cover up the key that allows you to move left, whether it will be A or left. You will instinctively know that you can't use left.

And remember, you can only use the Lizard, so don't use respawns when you failed. Just restart and do it again.

Walkthrough Edit

Widdershins Run 3

Widdershins Run 3

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