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Wormhole in Sight is the 22nd cutscene in Run 3, or the 20th if not counting the cutscenes Batteries and Cheating. It is one of the most important cutscenes in the story as it introduces the wormhole.

After this cutscene, The Way Onwards will show up on the map.


After beating Level T-7, a cutscene featuring the Runner and the Skater will begin. The Skater meets up with the Runner at the end of Level T-7, where the Wormhole can be seen very clearly. He complains to the Runner that they were "almost there."

At first, he doesn't even know what the Wormhole is, only that they're trying to reach it. The Runner explains that the Student had identified it as a wormhole earlier, and that it connects to another point in the Universe. The Skater asks how they're going to reach it from Level T-7, but the Runner seems like she didn't plan to start from there. She tells him, "First, let's try the easy way: Check for any tunnels we missed." Then the Skater skates back the way he came to start searching.

In an old version of the game, the cutscene was merely the Runner and Skater talking about how they can't tell what it is. In the old version, a blue Tunnel could be seen next to the Wormhole, and the characters state that the Tunnel means they can get there.


  • If a wormhole were in sight of you, it's gravitational pull would violently shred your body into strands of spaghetti-like meat chunks.