Cutscene Transcript

Introduction[edit | edit source]

You Think? is the 31st cutscene in Run 3,if counting all of the hidden and optional cutscenes.

This is a minor cutscene, yet this cutscene also marks the end of The Crackpot and The Sneak section of Angel Missions.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After finding the Duplicator (or the Child) in the Angel Missions, a cutscene with the Duplicator, Child, and Angel will show up. The Angel says he has good news: they can go home.

The Child says he doesn't want to go, but the Duplicator disagrees, saying that he thinks his wife may be worried. The Angel says, "You Think? I used to think you were an irresponsible idiot. Turns out, I was right."

The Child pleads for his father not to go with the Angel, but he goes anyway, and the Child is forced to follow.

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