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This is a transcript of the cutscene You Think?.

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Location: Level G-5                               Characters: Angel, Duplicator, Child

AngelFront (Jumping on the platform the Child and Duplicator are on) Good news: we can get home! Follow me!
ChildFront We aren't coming.
DuplicatorFront Actually...
ChildFront Dad, no. I already said we aren't!
DuplicatorFront We really should go. I think my wife might be getting worried.
AngelFront Wait... You think?
AngelFront You know, I used to think you were an irresponsible idiot.
ChildFront (Turns to face Duplicator) Dad, can we please not go?
AngelFront Turns out I was right.
ChildFront I don't like him.
DuplicatorFront Me neither, but we have to.

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