Introduction Edit

The Zombie is a costume for the Runner in Run 1. They are most likely canon.

Appearance Edit

The Zombie has the same general body shape as the Runner; however, the exposed brain emerging on the top, removing the antennas, and the left leg being a raw bone change the silhouette slightly. The Zombie also has a small scar on the right side, and grayish-green skin, further differentiating it from the normal Runner.

Gameplay Edit

The Zombie is unlocked once you've completed Level 19 and moved forward to Level 20 in Run 1. There is no change in performance or gameplay when playing as the Zombie; the only difference lies in the design details.

As with all the costumes in Run 1, it is only available to those who are playing on Kongregate with an account.


  • The Zombie, along with The Caveman, were originally in the files of Run 3 . They were removed later on. It seems they were leftovers.
  • However, player_03 was considering them at one point, as he wasn't sure of which costumes he would use. He says The Zombie wouldn't fit in the story, so he invented the Duplicator. He also couldn't work out gameplay.

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